Stellaris Strategy Game Review

The Stellaris Strategy Game is perhaps one of the most interesting to be released on PC in recent times. It was released in early April, but before its official release many people have already seen and tested it.

This game is unique in that it combines a number of elements to create a very interesting gaming experience. It combines turn-based strategy with space exploration.

The game starts off by selecting a race and starting to explore star systems. You move your capital ship to an area of space and scan the surrounding areas to find potentially habitable planets and trade routes.

The first four sectors you choose are the Ice, Desert, Rainforest and Plains. Within each of these sectors there are different kinds of atmosphere, which allow you to make a variety of different types of resources which can then be used to expand your empire.

As your empire expands, you will notice you receive new technologies for your ships as well as new tech trees which open up new possibilities. By researching and using certain technologies, you can unlock new possibilities and buy out other factions.


Once you have explored the first four star systems you will see there are new habitable planets to explore. These planets have many resources that can be extracted from them which allow you to mine more easily and extract more resources for a faster and cheaper way to make money.

One of the most important aspects of the game is how you build your trading and production capabilities. Both of these are a vital part of the whole gameplay.

Once you have mined enough resources from a planet or star system you can then move on to the next system. You will need to quickly build up your fleet so you can explore and expand your empire.